• Body-in-White

    Full-Service supplier for turnkey automated production
    solutions for the automotive industry worldwide.

  • Assembly Technology

    Comprehensive, economical and reliable
    solutions for every assembly process.

  • Conveyor Technology

    Customized and turnkey conveyor systems, for every
    process; comprehensive, economical and reliable.

  • Powertrain

    Innovative solutions at a
    high technological level.


The range of services is complemented by the specially developed systems and application by TMS specialists. High flexibility in application, as well as extensive know-how in different areas of operation guarantee the highest quality from design to after sales service. TMS guarantees a customized and turnkey transfer of any system.

In cooperation with various educational and institutional research facilities the TMS engineers ensure that the TMS products meet the customer continuously increasing demands concerning

  • energy efficiency and

  • cost efficiency.